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Wireless Portable Speaker Buying Guide | Wpsnews.com

Wireless Portable Speaker Buying Guide


With the increasing number of electrical appliances in our rooms, each one with multiple connection cables, wires are scattered all across the floor. Like slithering snakes, they wrap around tables, seats and the couch. Unfortunately, we are limited to the options we have on reducing the number of the appliances since most of them are imperative.

Still, the music instruments happen to have the most wires. Take the example of a total of two speakers in every room, not to mention your patio needs a speaker too. When you walk around such a house, the biggest job will be avoiding the wires, and talk of tip-toeing carefully and trying to walk around them, so you do not catch one on your foot and fall.

Maybe this is a little exaggerated, but nothing can be far from the truth- it still is a nightmare setting all those wires in every room. So how about having a single system receiver that can help replace all those meters of wires? Great idea isn’t it? That brings us to the use of wireless portable speakers.

The following article is a wireless portable speaker buying guide for those looking to go about choosing the best speaker.


Common Wireless Technology



1. Bluetooth bluetoothlogo

Bluetooth is undoubtedly the most common tech in the market. In any case, this will be the ideal protocol for most folks. Since the inception of Bluetooth, it has grown by leaps and bounds and you may not believe just how broadly it’s being used today. Bluetooth has the advantage of being very easy to use and very fast to connect (three to five seconds actually). The problem, however, is that its transmission would offer destitute sound quality and is limited to a mere 33 feet, not a minuscule distance though.

The fact that it requires no network to connect makes it the cheapest method to use. The latest Bluetooth iteration, version 4.1, offers more than battery efficiency and high functionality. The sound resolution has been improved, and you will have difficulty distinguishing it from Wi-Fi streaming. This is made so due to the added aptX Codec which provides sound up to CD-quality. However, this Codec is not available for iPhones.



2. NFC   NFC logo

Near Field Communication is a common term in wireless speakers. You’Ll hear a lot about it while shopping. Unfortunately for this technology, its distance is so limited that devices need to be close enough to touch for any data transfer to be possible. In any case this technology won’t be helpful for most people, imagine you have nine speakers and all of them have to touch the music system so that they can work.



3. Wi-Fi WiFi logo

Wi-Fi remains one of the best techs available for wireless music speakers. Its use can offer you countless number of services and features, including accessing audio from a surplus of sources. The main problem with Wi-Fi is that it is not as cheap as Bluetooth is. Again, it is homebound, and it is quite tricky to use while compared to other wireless technologies that is if your speakers are not Sono’s gear.



4. Airplay  airplaylogo

This is the Apple’s magic for sending files, music and video over Wi-Fi connection. It is increasingly becoming popular nowadays as more speakers are incorporating the technology. Although it is very convenient to use it, it is Apple specific and the technology cost companies a lot, a cost they surely handle down to you.



5. DNLA DLNAlogo

Digital Living Network Alliance is both an organization and an open protocol for transmitting pictures, videos, and music across devices over Wi-Fi. While this is usually the only way to play when we have to deal with Wi-Fi speakers, this protocol is exceptionally ubiquitous and notoriously slow and clunky, in any case use it over Bluetooth when you want to develop stomach ulcers.



Factors to consider

Now that there’s nothing more no learn about wireless protocol, let’s figure out what you really need to look for when buying the wireless protocol speakers. Practically all speakers will offer some basic functionality, which include a speakerphone, an Aux input to hardware sound, and a charging port for your mobile devices. More importantly, you’ll need to look at other factors to consider so as you arrive at the best music system for you.

So how will you be using your speakers, at home or on the go? By the pool, patio, or your living room? In the woods or near the power source? If you already have these factors on mind, then you’ll have no difficulty locking down the most value and ultimately an amazing audio experience.



1. Portability

Portability for speakers is not an absolute term; it can either be portable that you can walk around town with it or that you can go mountain-climbing with it, no more no less. If you need more sound from your speakers, remember size is a factor and, obviously, portability may be affected by the size you choose.

I believe you will not go climbing Mount Everest or swimming with wireless speakers that weigh 60 pounds. They are portable, true, but they will weigh you down considerably. If your portability means taking them out around your home and walking around the barbeque, then size and audio quality will step up significantly.



2. Durability

Having this next on the list of things to consider before buying the speakers means that it is a factor you really need to consider. Portability comes with greater risks. You cannot compare a speaker wired in your sitting room to that you will always take to trips and adventures in the wild. It is dangerous out there, and some protection for your speakers will suffice. Some speakers are covered with armor; others are watertight and completely submersible.



3. Multi-room speakers

Multi-speaker systems are receiving substantial attention lately. The speakers are Wi-Fi connect systems and employ integrated apps that link to your mobile devices, computer, or storage device allowing you control from each and then streaming your whole music collection. Again, most of them make use of Internet radio apps such as Spotify.

Even more remarkably, the more speakers you buy, the more you can link up and thus spread a latency-free audio throughout the home playing different music on each, simultaneously. Multi-room speakers have among the best audio clarity although they top up at CD-quality, you may never have problems with them. They set up with the press of a button saving you from all the hassle. If you need one speaker though, be sure to pay more than you will get, they are quite pricey for that.

4. Price

Some speakers do what they are made to do. They deliver high sound quality and do not sacrifice space. Apart from having some of the finest and most beautiful speakers in your home, you will have less gear to deal with. Some double as computer speakers but are very great buy. The word is; they over deliver. Still, they are never cheap.

5. Quality

Everything in this list may not matter if you buy poor quality portable speaker systems. Unfortunately, every speaker in the market sells itself as the #1 and will have all sorts of things to lure you into purchasing it. In this case, you will need to read reviews and more importantly, what customers say as the reviews are usually salesy. Still, there are a number of red flags to watch for while shopping for speakers.

Does the exterior cabinet look gaudy, cheap? Knock your speaker a little and note whether it feels solid and packed. Speakers with metallic exterior have an upper hand here, but solid plastic is equally good. Look on its stability too. You need a portable speaker, but not one that will move around the room from bass-heavy songs. Lastly and the most importantly trust your ear- if it sounds good: then it is good.


Hope you enjoy reading our articles and reviews at wireless portable speakers news. Who are we, you might ask? Well we are just a few gadget geeks that loves to write about the latest gadget. If you like our work help us share it with your friends, and if you need to get in contact with us you can email us at: chris@wpsnews.com or leave a comment here!
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