OM/ONE Bluetooth Levitating Speaker Orb Will Hit The Market Soon

Music fans and technology junkies love regular Bluetooth speakers, but in 2015 functionality is not enough to sell. OM/ONE is a Bluetooth speaker that works like any other such device. However, it also has something special: it can levitate above its base.


OM ONE Bluetooth Levitating Speaker

The Speaker That Defies Gravity

This device that defies gravity consists of a base and a round speaker that magically levitates while spinning in a gentle manner. Users can keep the magnetic base on their nightstands, for example, and simply grab the floating Bluetooth speaker when they want to move around and have a wireless speaker with them.

This impressive gadget also has a microphone built in, so it can be used to take calls and conduct conversations over the phone. Battery life expectancy is high as well for such a small and high-tech device; between 12 and 15 hours depending on the type of use.




Specifications and Technical Information

The OM/ONE wireless portable Bluetooth speaker orb has a diameter of 3.6 inches and weighs only 0.75 pounds. It has built-in microphone, a IEEE 1329 Type 1-compliant speakerphone and a 75mm audio driver. The device can be turned on and off with a touch sensor. If left to play continuously, the battery can hold up to 12 hours. It comes with a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. The Bluetooth is v4.0 compliant and can support Enhanced Data Rate (EDR). Wireless functioning distance from base is 33 feet or 10 meters.

The OM/ONE magnetic base that allows the speaker orb to levitate also has a diameter of 6.3 inches and is 1.6 inches tall. It weighs 1.3 pounds, so the entire package rounds up at about one pound. The speaker orb levitates about 0.8 inches above the base. The OM/ONE package also comes with a power cable, a speaker orb case 24″ USB (LED) Charging Cable & Stand, and a quick start guide.



OM/ONE Is Close!

Om Audio, the maker of this amazing speaker has had a few prototypes in 2014. The company ran a crowdfunding campaign which helped put the speaker into production and bring it in the market for users to enjoy. In the first day of the campaign, on August 12, 2014, Om Audio managed to get over half of its $100,000 goal. The campaign was set to run for 50 days.



OM/ONE Bluetooth Levitating Speaker

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Tech junkies are able to pre-order the levitating orb now. The first gravity defying speakers will be greeting their proud owners in January or February 2015. Orders placed after January 5, 2015 are scheduled arrive in March or April.


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